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1 Evaluation of Invasive versus Non-invasive Labor Analgesic technique

Author: Kaur Jasleen* || Kumar Sachin || Garg Varinder
465-471 View
2 Sino Nasal Masses: Rare Pathological Entities at This Site

Author: Mishra Jyoti || Gupta Mayank || Srivastav Srijan || Prasad Varun || Singh Devendra
461-464 View
3 Association of Diminished Prolactin and Beta Human Chorionic Gonadotropin with Spontaneous Pregnancy Loss

Author: Ramandeep Kaur || Kapil Gupta*|| Harkiran Kaur
451-460 View
4 Opinions of Thai people to skin color people in Thailand

Author: Sakdiwat Boonyarrasri
447-450 View
5 A Simple and Innovative Technique for Rehabilitation of Partially Amputated Finger: A Case Report

Author: Dr Rohit S.Menon* || Dr Raghavendraswamy K.N || Dr Dhakshaini M.R || Dr Anjana || Dr Naga Usha N
442-446 View
6 Clinical and Etiological Profile of Urinary Tract Infection in Children Admitted To A Tertiary Care Hospital

Author: Dr. Jawad Nazir wani || Zahid Akbar Mir || Anzeen Kanth
438-441 View
7 Fibroadenoma of breast and its associated histopathological changes

Author: Dr.Chanchal Ashok || Dr. Eswari Varadarajan
424-437 View
8 Antimicrobial Resistance Pattern and Bacteriological Profile of Samples Isolated from Patients in a Tertiary Care Center - A Prospective Study

Author: Nivedha.D.N || Saravana Kumar.M || Rajkumar.N
408-423 View
9 Chromosomal Abnormality in Different Study Based On Sperm Count Anomalies – A Review Study

Author: Dr. Sneha P John || Dr. Manisha Nakhate
404-407 View
10 Renal outcomes of snake bite-induced acute kidney injury (AKI)

Author: Dr. Ankur Goel || Dr Chandani Bhagat || Dr. Suraj Godara
399-403 View
11 Study of Oral, Oropharyngeal and Laryngopharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma and It’s Correlation with Age, Gender and Habits

Author: Mala Jain || Pupul Bose || Priya Vijaykumar Gamti
392-398 View
12 Bacteriological Profile and Antibiotic Sensitivity and Resistance Pattern of Neonatal Sepsis in Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in North Karnataka, India- A Prospective Observational Study

Author: Siddu Charki* || Lakshmi Kakhandki || Trimal Kulkarni || Vijayakumar Biradar || M M Patil
381-391 View
13 A Study of Prevalence of Obesity and Hypertension among Children and Adolescents in North-West Rajasthan

Author: Dr.Kampra Gupta || Dr.Shivam Sethi || Dr.Ritvik Agrawal || Dr.R.P.Agrawal
374-380 View
14 A Study of Risk Factors Associated With Development of Incisional Hernia

Author: (Dr) P.S.K. Patel || (Dr) Aman Arora || Late Prof (Col) N Kannan
368-373 View
15 Silicosis in Stone Carvers of Sirohi - Radiological Perspective

Author: Supreethi Kohli || Seema Narang || Anu Singhal || *Rahul Kohli
360-367 View
16 Differential Diagnosis Of Macrocytosis On The Basis Of Bone Marrow Aspiration- A Two Year (2018-2020) Study At Myh Indore

Author: Dr. Poonam Nanwani || Dr. Jyoti Namdev || Dr. Ashok Panchonia
351-359 View
17 Factors impacting mental health outcomes for at-risk populations during the COVID-19 pandemic

Author: Gabrielle Nalin Velez
346-350 View
18 The MRI Measure of Blood Flow may detect the Location of the High Risk Plaques

Author: Wareevan Sujirapinyokul*
343-345 View
19 Clinical spectrum and prevalence of electrolyte disorders in acute gastroenteritis in children aged less than 5 years presenting to a tertiary care hospital in North India

Author: Dr. Iqbal Mushtaq || Dr. Zul Eidain Hassan || Dr Bilal Ahmad Najar || Dr. Sheikh Mushtaq Ahmad || Dr Asif Aziz || Dr Showkat Hussain Tali
338-342 View
20 Clinico-Histological Spectrum of Endometriosis: A 5-Years Study at a Tertiary Care Centre

Author: Dr. Suwarna B Patil || Dr. Bhupendra V Patil || Dr. Sushma S Deshmukh || Dr. Swarada V Kangate || Dr. Pradeep S Umap
332-337 View
21 Defeat the Defect with Ocular Prosthesis: A Case Report

Author: Dr. Rohit S Menon* || Dr. Raghavendra Swamy K.N || Dr Dhakshaini M.R || Dr. Karthika B
328-331 View
22 Cleidocranial dysplasia: A clinico-radiographic spectrum of 6 cases

Author: Dr. M S Mandale || Dr. J D Bhavthankar || Dr. J S Pagare || Dr. R D Yadav
322-327 View
23 Association of Cardiorespiratory Fitness with Visceral Adiposity and Lifestyle Patterns Among Undergraduate Medical Students in South India

Author: Abiya Kunjumon || Dr Biju Bahuleyan
312-321 View
24 Morbidity Pattern of under Five Children Living in Slums of Jammu

Author: Ravinder K. Gupta* || Ritu Gupta** || Ramesh Khajuria*** || Abhai Singh****
306-311 View
25 Impact of Climate Change on Health

Author: Dr. Kishore Kumar Soni || Dr. Sindhuprava Rana || Moina Sharma
302-305 View
26 Socio Demographic Pattern and Musculoskeletal Disorders among Workers at Small Scale Industries of District Kathua: A Descriptive Study

Author: Dr. Anuj Kapoor || Dr.Kamna Singh || Dr.Yangchen Dolma
296-301 View
27 A Case Report of Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome

Author: Dr. Gayatri Jain || Dr. Ankit Biyani || Dr. Ajay Dodeja || Dr. Sagar Sinha
293-295 View
28 Cardiovascular Disease among Drinkers and Non-Drinkers: A Prospective Study

Author: Dr.R.Dineshkumar * || Anna James* || Soumya Anna George* || Kuriakose Joy*
287-292 View
29 Knowledge regarding nicotine replacement therapy among dental students and dental practitioners in Aurangabad city: A survey

Author: Dr Jayanti G Humbe || Dr Jyoti D Bhavthankar || Dr Mandakini S Mandale || Dr Poonam R Zanwar || Dr Vaishali A Nandkhedkar || Dr Savita P Wagh
279-286 View
30 Clinico demographic profile and outcome analysis of acute ITP in children presenting to a tertiary care hospital in North India

Author: Dr. Zul Eidain Hassan || Dr. Iqbal Mushtaq || Dr Mohammad Ashraf Bhat || Dr Bushra Shakil || Dr Showkat Hussain Tali
273-278 View
31 Significance of CRAB features in Multiple Myeloma

Author: Dr. Salma Gull || Dr Fahim Manjoor || Dr. Ruby Reshi || Dr Nusrat Bashir || Dr Sameena Khanday
269-272 View
32 Eosinophilia as Diagnostic and Prognostic Marker for Pediatric Asthma: A case control study

Author: Snehasish Das || Raju Dasgupta || Saurav Sarkar* || Biplab Tudu || Abhishek Ghosh || Sreetama Chakraborti
260-268 View
33 Clinico-epidemiological Profile of Stroke in Young Adults admitted In a Tertiary Care Hospital of Tripura

Author: Dr. Subhadip Paul || Dr. Moumana Das
254-259 View
34 Periodontal Manifestations of Systemic Diseases- An Update

Author: Dr.Pearl Jhirad || Dr.Sheetal Choudhari
242-253 View
35 A Case Report on the Anaesthetic Management for a 4-Year-Old Child Undergoing Cardiac Catheterization to Confirm the Diagnosis of Congenitally Corrected Transposition of Great Arteries

Author: Dr. Gayatri Jain* || Dr. Ankita Joshi || Dr. Vishwas Sathe || Dr. Ajay Dodeja
237-241 View
36 Primary Intra-Osseous Squamous Cell Carcinoma Arising From an Odontogenic Keratocyst- A Rare and Unique Odontogenic Lesion

Author: V.T.Beena || Kavitha A* || Latha Mery Cherian || Indu M || Jasmine Jose || Dilshad Banu M.V
230-236 View
37 A Comparison between Invasive Coronary Angiography and CT Coronary Angiography in Effort Angina Patients with Positive Tread Mill Test

Author: Dr Rajni Sharma || *Dr Hema Malathi || Dr Dinesh Kumar || Dr Shivkumar Byrappa || Dr Arindam Rath
221-229 View
38 Kikuchi Disease And Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis- Does The Twain Meet? : A Series of Three Cases

Author: Dr. Deepak Nayak M* || Dr. Rachana Garg || Dr. Sushma V. Belurkar
216-220 View

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